Who is

Aryan Vaidya?

Aryan Vaidya, multitalented young man who had passion for Finance, Chess and pulling others up in life… Aryan studied in India till he was 9 then moved to Cincinnati, USA along with his parents…Initial years were tough due to transition to US education system. Aryan was shy and introvert during initial years and made a few close friends. His transformation started in middle school and high school. During junior high, he was selected in Student Council (Student Body which plans/organizes all school events). During 4-5 years in Student Council, he led multiple initiatives ( fund raising, planning proms, Food drives for Operation Give Back) which helped   Sycamore schools had a huge role in transforming him in to confident young man. During Covid, Aryan initiated Aves Reach Peer Mentoring and created a student led mentoring community which provides free educational resources for students. He build their website, created advertising materials, recruited mentors, and provided free tutoring resources.

Aryan’s accomplishments here are just a little reminder of what one can do to their professional and personal achievements in a span of 20 years – Taekwondo Black Belt and Instructor, captain/founder of the school’s varsity chess team, Chess champion and coached over 200 students, founder of investment club, vice president of the student council at Sycamore High, raised $51,000 for cancer cure for Leukemia Lymphoma society, an engaging mentor and mentee, incoming summer intern at Piper Sandler!

Some of us circle around the professional life and jobs without thinking.
This young man on the other hand was balancing it all – WOW.

High School

Founder and President – Sycamore Chess Team and Club –

Organized bimonthly meetings for 20+ members, designed a curriculum to teach beginners, hosted school wide tournaments, and created advertising materials to increase club membership.

Captain (Jr, Sr) – Expanded team size from 12 to 22 members, designed uniforms and logos, hosted bimonthly online tournaments, and coached team to state championship.

Vice President of the Class of 2021 (So, Jr, Sr)

Planned two talent shows and food drives to generate $7000+ for SPCA Cincinnati and Operation Give Back. Organized homecoming court voting and execution. Developed ideas for fundraising and increasing school morale.

Sycamore High School

Investment Club – Founder and President (Jr, Sr) –

Developed a curriculum explaining various equities to beginners. Created and managed virtual stock market  competitions, and competed in investment team challenges.

Aves Reach Peer

Mentoring – Founder (Jr, Sr) – Created a student led mentoring community which provides free educational resources for students. Built the website, created advertising materials, recruited mentors, and provided free tutoring resources to

FullBloom Marketing and Solutions LLC, Cincinnati, OH April 2020 – Present

Co-Founder and Partner – Reached out to local businesses and offered to revamp/build their websites, manage their social media pages, and provide Search Engine Optimization to grow the reach of companies. Provided low cost services during COVID-19 pandemic and donated 50% of profits to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Ahn Taekwondo Institute, Cincinnati, OH August 2019 – Present

Assistant Instructor – Instructed classes for ages ranging from four to sixty with as many as 30 students per class.

Developed class curriculum, drills, and exercise which promoted respect, discipline, and confidence to meet the varying needs of the students. Demonstrated proper form and technique to teach Taegeuk forms and their motions.

Volunteer Experience

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Cincinnati, OH December 2019 – Present

Student of the Year Candidate A philanthropic leadership program in which individuals fundraise in honor of children who are blood cancer survivors. I was able to secure a corporate partnership with McDonald’s, have a meeting with senior management at Tata Consultancy Services, and raise over $3,000 in donations. With the 2021 season rapidly approaching, I have assembled a team of ten dedicated students and have set out a fundraising goal of $25,000. (>100 Hours)


Aryan’s Chess Journey –

Chess was a huge passion for Aryan. He started playing bit late in his 8th grade with his mentor, coach Raj sir (Raj Honmurgi) and quickly picked up the game. Being a fast learner and very competitive, he picked up the game quickly and started participating in competitive state level tournaments and winning many awards/medals. He was captain of his High School Chess team and motivating/leading  his team to many interschool awards. Chess became a way of life and he soon started coaching. Over last 3+ years, he coached 200+ children. His classes used to be very interactive, funny…never a dull moment per his students. 

Social Initiatives:

Here is summary of initiatives in Aryan’s honor so far 1) $1000 Scholarships for 2 Sycamore students (Aryan’s school) every year(started from Summer 2023) 2) Operation Give Back (local charity)- School supplies drive completed with 50 kits and supplies donated. To be continued every year. 3) Operation Give Back (Tuesday food pick up from local restaurant) continuing since last few months 4) Internship for one student every year at Patty Scott associates started 5) Scholars of Finance (Aryan was President of Indiana University chapter) has started ‘Aryan Vaidya Legacy Award’ – starting 2023, award for 2 SOF candidates – to be presented on Aryan’s birthday every year. 6) Sycamore Legacy Tree & memorial rock at Sycamore High School (planned) 7) Chess coaching at OGB /tournament (under discussion with Raj sir) 8) Water Safety at Lake Monroe (had 2 meetings with Indiana University – slower progress)

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